Proprietary Load Testing - Text / Binary Call Flows

If you are in process of developing software product that involves non-standard call flows or combined standard and non-standard call flows, you may like to check LM ToolsTM innovative APAT module to test your software product for functionality, load and performance. Additionally you may like to use LM Tools to automate all the test scenarios.

Refer below diagram for a generic case.

LM Tools supports many protocols / standards native way. For example HTTP, SIP, IMS, RTP, RTCP, SRTP, STUN, TURN, ICE, PCMU, PCMA,AMR, OPUS, VP8 around 30+ protocols / standards are supported native way. Beyond these protocols, if you need to test a product based on a standard or proprietary logic, you can do it using LM Tools APAT (Any Product Any Test) module.

Various use cases our clients use as of today are

  • DNS - You can simulate of A, AAAA, NAPTR queries using LM's APAT module.
  • H.323 - You can simulate H.323 binary transactions using LM's APAT module.
  • JSON - You can send receive JSON messages using LM's APAT module. This has been a regular in-house test scenario. LM comes up with a default JSON forwarder/proxy as well.
  • XML - You can send receive XML messages using LM's APAT module.
  • SMTP - You can send / receive mails using LM's APAT module.
  • SMPP - You can send / receive SMS using LM's APAT module.

Practically no limitation. Any text / binary transactions you can simulate. You can send, receive any request, response and extract values for future use. If you find it useful for your product testing, please contact us at