Free version of LM Tools hosted here to test SIP, HTTP, WebRTC, Proprietary products & more.

Solutions Partner


If you have a IP based product and sell to your clients with certain ratings say

  • N message transactions per second
  • N bytes exchange per second
  • N number of subscribers can login/operate
  • Any other relevant operational capacity...

And every client has different network / infrastructure / premise. How do you make sure the ratings claimed by you really works in customer network / premise / infrastructure? These ratings need to be validated, so that your customer gets what he paid for.

LM Tools plays an active role in validating these ratings. It is capable of simulating anything over IP network. Our recommendation is you sell your product along with LM Tools as a single bundle to your customer. In the process, your customer benefits most and stays loyal to you.

Products Together


  • You must have a ready software / hardware product for sale.
  • Your product must be stable and scalable.
  • You are willing to share some percentage of sale value to LM Tools.


  • Your customers gets a handy tool to validate your product in their own premise / network / infrastructure.
  • In case any issue found in validation, you can fix it early in cycle and keep your customer happy.
  • In the process, your product gets tested against multiplier and you know your bench marking data.

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solutions partner