Getting Started

LM Tools provides uninterrupted long hour load testing for products across standard domains as well as in proprietary / custom protocols.

Getting started

We recommend below steps for a simple, quick and effective way to get started.

Multiplier - Getting Started Easy Steps

  • Please register here with correct contact details, one of our representative will contact you earliest. If already registered, ignore this, proceed to next step.

  • Lets discuss over phone / skype or any other means to understand your QA requirement.

  • Depending on QA requirement, if it can be done quickly, multiplier team will setup multiplier tool and make a test case for you free of cost. However if it is going to be a time taking activity, then after certain commitment from your side, multiplier support team will start working on trial procedure. In the process multiplier support team may provide a trial license for 5 day.

  • You can evaluate multiplier tool in this 5 day trial period.

  • If you decide in favor of Multiplier, you may like to go for commercial license.

  • For licensing plan / cost details, you may like to check here.

If you have any query, feel free to contact us.