Testing As Service

LM Tools offers Testing As a Service for products across domains. As part of this service, we undertake entire QA work. Our expert QA engineers will plan, execute automation, performance and manual testing for products in various domains listed here. During the service subscription period, we offer LM Tools free of cost. If you are considering testing services, please contact us.

How It Works ?
Subscribe Configure Test
  • Subscribe - Subscription refers to testing service subscription. LM Tool has got three components. Controller, Web server and Multiplier. We offer our cloud based Controller and Web server. For Multiplier, you need to arrange the machine. As of today LM Tools is compatible with Amazon, Digital Ocean, Contabo and Leaseweb cloud machines. However if you need machines from other cloud service providers like Linode or IBM or any other, we will be happy to go for it.

  • Configure - Our expert engineers will configure the test suite as per test requirement. If there is a dependency with your product like a proprietary call flow, your team must help our engineers to understand the call flow. Next our engineers will configure LM Tool and execute test, get the report and verify.

  • Test - Once the configuration is done, our engineers will execute the test. Extract the report and share with your team. To debug any issue, if any changes required in test script, we will be happy to do it as and when required.
What all are provided?
Tool Scripting services Other services

LM Tools provides all resources required for testing to get started quickly.

  • Tool - We provide LM Tool free of cost during subscription period.

  • Scripting services - Our expert support team helps you scripting the test cases.

  • Other services - In case of any specific product issues, sometimes you need to debug and narrow down the issue. Our expert engineers can help you debug and conclude the issues earliest.
Why Testing as Service?
Peace of Mind Quick start Quality

You get definite advantages by opting for Testing as Service.

  • Peace of Mind - You just need to arrange a machine for Multiplier module. Rest all you leave it to us. We have ready engineers who can start the work from day one.

  • Quick start - Since our engineers are quite experienced with LM Tools setup, it really takes less time to get started with actual work. Also during course of time our engineers will configure the test very optimal way to get max out of given infrastructure.

  • Quality - When you opt for testing as service, it is our responsibility to deliver quality scripts keeping all possible scenarios in mind while configuring / scripting in LM Tools tool.

Looks easy and simple!
Contact us to get started.