Testing As Service

LM Tools offers Hosted Testing Solutions for products across domains. You just need to login to our cloud hosted multiplier machine, configure the test, start the test. You can avail remote support over email / call. Alternatively you can opt for out Testing Services and avail dedicated in premise support. If you are considering testing services, please contact us. Our expert engineers plan, automate, executes tests in various domains listed here.

LM Tools offers Hardware, Scripting services, Long term test / validate / reporting services as part of Hosted Testing Solutions. It helps to our customers to get started quickly with less investment and more importantly to accomplish quality testing against their product under test.

How It Works ?
Subscribe Configure Test
  • Subscribe - Subscription refers to both machine subscription and tool subscription. Machine subscription costs you actual machine cost. As of today LM Tools is compatible with Amazon cloud and Digital Ocean cloud machines. However if you need machines from other cloud service providers like Linode or IBM or any other, it can be discussed on case basis. The tool cost depends on which modules you need as part of subscription, like Web, WebRTC, SIP / VoIP, Media etc, to know all click here.

    On successful subscription, you get credentials for machine pre-installed with LM Tools tool.

  • Configure - Login to machine using credentials issued. You need to configure 5 entities for a successful test. Already 3 entities are pre-configured (Repository, Controller, Multiplier). Remaining 2 entities (Test Suite & Test Bed) you need to configure. There are number of examples, also you can take help from our support team to configure Test Suite. Test Bed configuration is a strait forward one, just create Test Bed and assign newly configured Test Suite to it.

  • Test - You are all set to start the test. On test start, you can see report dashboard (in a tabular format), and you have all the controls (like stop test, view detail result, view real time test status, view static / dynamic graphs, view all errors etc) there in last column of table.
What all are provided?
Hardware Scripting services Other services

LM Tools provides all resources required for testing to get started quickly.

  • Hardware - Given the load requirement, corresponding hardware / machine is provided with LM Tools pre-installed.

  • Scripting services - Our expert support team helps you scripting the test cases.

  • Other services - In case of any specific product issues, sometimes you need to debug and narrow down the issue. Our expert engineers can help you debug and conclude the prevailing issues.
Why Testing as Service?
Less investment Quick start Quality

You get definite advantages by opting for Testing as Service.

  • Less investment - You are not going to buy machine, you are just paying machine rent. To configure tool and execute test, you can assign either your in-house engineers or can opt for dedicated support, where our expert engineers will script the test cases for you.

  • Quick start - You get a machine with pre-installed LM Tools. You can opt for dedicated service from LM Tools. Probably within couple of hours you have everything ready to start the testing activities.

  • Quality - When you opt for dedicated service, it is our responsibility to deliver quality scripts keeping all possible scenarios in mind while configuring / scripting in LM Tools tool. You just focus on your product development, the testing activities you leave it to us.

Looks easy and simple!
Contact us to get started.