Repository Configurations

While setting up test environment, repository details must be configured. Repository is just a storage location with defined machine IP, FTP details and directory. You can open add repository page in a different window and co-relate attributes described here.Various fields those need to be configured are

  1. Repository name - You need to mention an unique name for repository of your choice. You can make use of normal alphabet characters, -, _ and digits for repository name.
  2. Repository home - You need to provide the path details where all executables are stored.
  3. Repository IP Address - You need to provide IP address of repository machine here.
  4. FTP User - You need to provide valid FTP user name, using that one can do FTP to repository machine.
  5. FTP Password - You need to provide proper FTP password.
  6. FTP Port - You need to provide FTP port. Typically it is 21.

It is recommended you do not keep any important information / data in repository machines due to security reasons.