Multiplier Introduction

Multiplier is a stable, highly scalable, robust automation framework consists of several load testing tools in areas of HTTP, SIP, IMS, RTP, Media, IoT, Fintech, JSON, XML, Socket IO etc. Additionally you can test any web site or web based applications. And finally you can simulate any text or binary based call flows, and test your own custom / proprietary products. When it comes to load generation, Multiplier is the best. You can use small end machine to high end blade servers to install. Still you need more load, go for cluster of virtual machines and generate as much load needed.

Regular Use Cases Tested

Multiplier supports many use cases. You can imagine any application can be tested using multiplier. It is impossible to list all the use cases here. However important use cases have been tested by QA team, and corresponding details are published here.

Certain use case listed below are tested regularly by our QA team to make sure Multiplier performance is not compromised release to release.

  • Testing Kamailio SIP proxy server
  • Testing Google Coturn server
  • Testing JForward server (JForwarder is an in-house product capable of routing well formatted JSON messages among peers)
  • Apache web server
  • Janus gateway etc..
Your Specific Use Case

If you have a specific use case to test, you can contact us, we will definitely revert back with a working solution.