Partnership Program


We understand business grows with partnership and collaboration. LM Tools offers unique rewarding opportunity for associated partners. If you want to get associated in our partnership program, you need to refer below section and choose the appropriate program.


Partnership Programs

  • Sales partner - In this program, you identify new opportunities and customers and act as a bridge between us and customer. Technical support, addressing and resolving issues will be taken care of by our back end support team. On successful deals, you get your pre-decided financial benefits. Any individuals, consulting firms are welcome for this program. Learn more here.

  • Service partner - You can outsource your entire testing works to LM Tools team. Our experts using LM Tools tool, can do entire testing for you. In this mode, LM Tools comes absolutely free of cost. You can use all supported modules, any test over IP features to test anything / everything over IP. Since our engineers are experts in LM Tools, in quick time you will have your test setup ready and active. Learn more here.

  • Solutions partner - If you have a product and if you feel you can sale your product along with LM Tools in a single bundle to your end customers, and it benefits your customers in terms of checking functionality and capability, probably you should opt for solution partnership program. We at LM Tools will do everything required to make LM Tools useful and a bench marking solution for your customer's network / infrastructure. Learn more here.

To know more on partnership program, please reach out to us at